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By January 30, 2019News

Several months ago we felt that the broad environment had become highly politicized and divisive, even regarding the most fundamental issues related to family and career decisions that are central to the mission of the Life Balance Foundation.  Consequently, we had decided to take an informal pause in our fundraising efforts until we felt that circumstances were more conducive to communicating our message.  Unfortunately, in the past week, our intuition was confirmed. We were alerted by local law enforcement that they received an anonymous tip that the Life Balance Foundation was engaged in fraud because we would require that an applicant for a grant would have to provide tax return information and W-2s.  In fact, we were advised by our counsel, Proskauer, in organizing the Foundation to require this specific type of documentation to be certain that our grantees actually had a sufficient need for our financial assistance.  Law enforcement completed an investigation of the Foundation and determined there was nothing inappropriate in our activities or requirements.  It is not clear to us why someone may have felt our documentation requirements were problematic, but we can infer motives.  It seems that documentation is a trigger at this point.  To say we are disappointed that there are people who would like to undermine our effort to do something positive and good is an understatement.  However, the experience reinforces our instincts that the timing isn’t quite right and we will wait a little longer to proceed with what we believe to be a worthy mission of helping families try to manage the increasingly conflicting priorities of work and family.

Erin and Anthony Montella