Foundation Update

By September 18, 2018News

Fundraising for the Life Balance Foundation progressed in the Spring having received another meaningful donation from one of our small group of targeted donors that we’d been focused on since the beginning of the year. However, we took a pause this Summer due to the complicated context of the current state and political climate. We hope to start fundraising again at the end of the year, if circumstances allow, and begin grant making in 2019.

For the future, we believe smaller donations across larger groups through the reach of social media will be the best way to fundraise. With that in mind, we have been approved as a verified charity by Facebook and now have a Donate button on our home page enabling us to potentially receive donations from $5 to $2,500. More practically, we are hoping donations from $5 to $100 across a broad spectrum will allow us to achieve our goals of helping struggling families. We ask that even now, when they are so many competing issues to occupy your time and thoughts, you please share our page with your Facebook friends so we get the broadest visibility possible to accomplish our mission.

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